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The Standard Insurance Company Disability Denial Lawyer - Georgia

The Standard Insurance Company Denials

Based out of Portland, Oregon The Standard Insurance Company is a major writer of both individual and group disability coverage. In our experience, The Standard Insurance Company has penetrated the market in our home state for group disability coverage for doctors, lawyers, and other professionals. Standard also tends to use a relatively small group of doctor consultants to pick apart claims involving a wide range of medical conditions. In many of the cases we have handled, the insurance company has not given the policyholder the benefit of the doubt, despite all evidence suggesting the client was highly credible and hard working before an illness or injury changed everything.

We have handled an unusually high percentage of cases against this company where it aggressively applied a “mental and nervous disorder limitation” to limit the claimant to 24 months of benefits on a career-ending injury. This company has some unique claims practices that can run afoul of federal claim handling regulations, and we have successfully sued The Standard based upon these violations.  We have recovered millions of dollars of previously denied benefits against this company, including:

These are but a few examples of the claim denials we have had overturned. Even as this copy is being written we are handling cases against The Standard Insurance Company involving remarkably similar issues. If your claim has been denied by this company, call the lawyers with a proven track record of bringing them to justice.