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ERISA Claims
“ERISA” is an acronym for the Employee Retirement Income Act of 1974. ERISA was enacted by the United States Congress for the primary purpose of enhancing “the protection of employee benefits.” Despite its stated purpose, ERISA has not had the effect of enhancing the protection of employee benefits. Indeed, it has quite the opposite effect, acting more like the “Insurance Company Get Out of Jail Free Act.” There are several reasons why this is true.

Disability Claims
Disability coverage is designed to protect you when illness or injury prevents you from earning an income. A prolonged disability is physically, financially, and emotionally draining. We recognize that at such times our clients are especially vulnerable to aggressive insurance company tactics. We are here to level the playing field. We handle long term disability claims of every stripe, whether the coverage was provided as an employee benefit (ERISA).

Life Insurance Claims
If a loved one has died, a denial of a life insurance claim can create financial distress for the surviving family, and adds another layer of emotional toll at a time when the family is already grieving. We have successfully pursued life insurance where the insurer contended that the deceased did not adequately disclose medical information on his application. We have successfully fought the insurer’s assertion that a policy exclusion applies.

When Should You Contact an Attorney? What Will It Cost?
As a rule of thumb, the sooner the better. While this may sound self-serving, our experience confirms that the longer an individual tries to represent himself, the more likely it is that irreparable harm will be done. Especially with claims under ERISA, there are very short deadlines for presenting evidence in support of the claim.

Attorney Biographies

Jeffrey S. Warncke
Mr. Warncke graduated from the business college at Georgia State University with high honors in 1988, and from the University of Georgia School of Law with honors in 1991. In 1990-1991, Mr. Warncke was selected as one of three students to represent UGA Law School in the American College of Trial Lawyers National Moot Court Competition.

Douglas M. Robinson
Mr. Robinson attended the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill and Clemson University. In 1988, he graduated from Clemson University cum laude with a bachelor degree in economics. He was a member of the Calhoun College honor society and an Edgar A. Brown merit scholar. In 1991, Mr. Robinson graduated from the University of Georgia School of Law with honors.