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Attorney Doug Robinson

Other Insurance Company Denials

The experienced insurance attorneys at Evans, Scholz, Williams & Warncke, LLC have successfully handled claims against almost every major carrier of long term disability insurance, life insurance and other forms of insurance:

This is only a partial list of companies that have attempted to deny our client’s claims, but have ultimately been forced to pay.  It doesn’t matter which company insures you.  We can help you fight a wrongful denial.

Getting Specialized Legal Help for Your Georgia Insurance Claim

If you are about to apply for insurance benefits in Georgia, or if you have applied and been turned down, you will find the specialized legal representation you need at the Atlanta law firm of Evans, Scholz, Williams, & Warncke, LLC. Very few attorneys handle first party insurance cases as a primary practice area; few lawyers have the specific, focused, and detailed knowledge and experience dealing with this industry, or the record of personalized service and successful outcomes that you’ll realize at our firm. These cases are complex, labor-intensive, and demanding, and the outcome of your case will have a profound effect on the remainder of your life. Call today for a free telephone interview to learn how we can help.