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Straight Talk About The Need For You To File a Disability Appeal

You have recently applied for your long-term disability, but your claim was summarily denied!  Well…it couldn’t get worse, right? Unfortunately, disability denials are too common.  In fact, there’s a good chance you’ll be stuck in one during your long-term disability journey.  But the silver lining here is that you can

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How Disability Attorneys Use ERISA Guidelines to Help you Win Your LTD Appeal

Experienced disability attorneys know how to make the right arguments to bring your long-term disability claim under control. In fact, if they specialize in ERISA claims they will be there to help you prevail in court, too!  If you are struggling to deal with a long-term disability appeal, it’s time

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Do Social Security and ERISA have the Same Appeal Process?

When most people start searching the internet for help with their disability claim, they come across a deep well of information about Social Security Disability.   Unfortunately, there is much less information about ERISA Long-Term Disability claims and appeals.   Sometimes, the differences are very confusing.  Here’s what you need to know. Social

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Do Insurance Companies Work with Long-Term Disability Lawyers?

If you are filing for long-term disability or appealing a long-term disability denial and have hired a long-term disability lawyer you may be wondering if your insurance company will work with your lawyer. The short answer is no.  Long-term disability insurance providers will do their best not to have to

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Does The Hartford Deny All Long-Term Disability Claims?

There have been many complaints and even a lawsuit against The Hartford long-term disability. The employees have claimed that The Hartford long-term disability wrongfully denied their claims or approved it but then took the benefits away later. If you have The Hartford long-term disability, you may be wondering if The

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